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Valeria Mitsubata Photography was created from a passionate hobby, now becoming one of the most sought out and recognizable photography businesses in Vaughan and York Region.

After 20 years in the corporate world, Photographer Valeria Mitsubata left her career in the tech sector to follow a dream of hers she had never shared with anyone at the time.

Being able to tell a story through the eyes of a lens was powerful, and one she discovered early on in her career. Becoming a freelance photographer for a local Vaughan publication was the catalyst to changing the course of her career. Valeria immediately enrolled at Humber College of Applied Arts and graduated with honours.

Focusing on growing her business in the City of Vaughan was crucial to Valeria. She wanted to capture the City she called home, and tell the story of an emerging growing municipality, that could only be captured in images. Valeria worked hard at building her brand and has subsequently become one of the most sought out and recognized photographers in the community, photographing thousands of community and corporate events in Vaughan, and surrounding region.

Valeria’s versatility and keen eye has captured everything from Government to Corporate to Special Events photography, as well as milestone celebrations from Maternity to Family Portraits, Head shots, Boudoir, Children & Engagement.
Valeria connects with her Clients and subjects, providing a great experience, with a quick turnaround time and superior quality end product.

Valeria Mitsubata Photography was started in 2009, after working in a corporate environment for over 20 years. Valeria knew she could no longer ignore her passion for photography, and turned her hobby into a full blown business.

While others thought Valeria was “crazy” to leave a high paying corporate job, She knew she could no longer play in the field of mundane, and had to tell her story, and others, through photography.

But like everything Valeria has always done, she knew she needed to do it right and needed to differentiate herself.

Focusing on her community, capturing history in the making, and telling the story of its people and its places was exactly what she wanted to do. Her home was rooted in Vaughan, and her professional career was about to take off as well in the City she called home.

Valeria doesn’t consider other photographers as her “Competition”, but rather, she sees them as part of the Photographic community she belongs to, a “sisterhood" of sorts.

Like many other things in life, the beauty of photography is subjective: meaning we can take the same picture but ultimately we capture “different” moments.

Valeria’s success can be attributed to her incredible way of connecting with her Clients and subjects, providing a level of comfort that truly is important before “taking that shot”

Valeria has an outgoing personality, but can be assertive when it’s called for.

Valeria is always aware of the clock, meaning timing is of the essence and crucial to capturing that moment before it’s too late. It’s also vital to tell that story as she understands the Client’s objective and end goal.

Valeria meets with her Clients beforehand to ensure that all necessary moments are captured.  Valeria’s repeat business is also a testament to the satisfaction of her Clients.

In Valeria’s own words, “I am always prepared to capture the moment regardless of the environment or circumstance, and always “get the shot.”

On a personal note, Valeria is most proud of taking that leap of faith back in 2009 and following a dream when others may have thought she was “crazy” to do so.

Being able to capture history in the making is also a huge achievement for Valeria. Knowing that much of her work will be seen years and years down the road, really provides a personal satisfaction that touches Valeria’s heart.

More concretely, Valeria is proud of a collaboration with Vaughan International Film Festival co-founder Antonio Ienco who, together created an Exhibit titled Jux-ta-pose.  This exhibit showcased dancers moving through uncommon spaces in Vaughan.   The show was a success with 8/12 pieces sold.  These works of art can be found throughout various establishments in Vaughan.

Other accomplishments include:

Numerous front page covers of Snap’d newspaper, magazine covers, including Vaughan Celebrates, Canadian Real Estate Wealth, Whatever Magazine, CDS Magazine and Panoram Italia.

Vaughan Civic Hero Award

Toyota Civic Hero Award

Featured in Neighbours of Woodbridge Magazine

Nominated for a Small Business Award 2018, 2019 & 2020 – Vaughan Chamber of Commerce

Graduated with honours in photography at Humber College

From the offset, it was important to Valeria to build her business in her home town. In her words “ I call The City of Vaughan my home, and I wanted to call my place of business home as well. Years later, and hard work later, I feel that I have successfully accomplished that.”

Covering hundreds of events over the years, has allowed Valeria to be seen in the community, and she has become a trusting familiar face who is professional and passionate about her work.

Her portfolio and bigger Clients like The City of Vaughan, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, Mackenzie Health Foundation, MNP, and many others has provided credibility and assurances to her potential clients and provided top notch name recognition to the VM brand.